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A multi-application product for use under normal as well as severe conditions where long trouble-free life is crucial. For a variety of equipment, there is no finer combined hydraulic/transmission/ compressor oil.
HYDRAULIC OIL MP-2A , one of the finest multipurpose hydraulic fluid formulations, is recommended not only in most hydraulic systems, but also in many automatic transmissions, powershift transmissions and compressors. It is designed to meet the present trend in hydraulic powered units toward higher operating pressures resulting in higher operating temperatures. These conditions are simulated in Vickers High Pressure Pump Test (35VQ25) in order to screen out oils with unsuitable high temperature stability and wear protection. Since potential water contamination from condensation or leaks requires fluids with good water separation and flow qualities, BLACK BEAR MP HYDRAULIC OIL 2A meets and exceeds Sundstrand’s own Wear/Water Stability Pump Test (22-2132). With its high Viscosity Index (190) and low pour point (- 40 °C), BLACK BEAR HYDRAULIC OIL MP-2A provides additional high temperature film strength as well as cold weather protection from pump cavatation, sluggishness and wear. Its unique seal conditioner prolongs your seals deterring premature and costly seal leakage. Anti-foam additives keep foaming to a minimum while a generous supply of “detergents” keep your hydraulic system clean. Most importantly, its highly effective anti-wear component can extend the life of your hydraulic pump without the excessive pump corrosive effect that certain anti-wear (“zinc”) additives impart on the softer brass and bronze pump components of your pump. For ensuring that your most demanding hydraulic systems, your automatic transmissions, powershift transmissions and compressors will have long trouble-free life, be sure to use the unique BLACK BEAR HYDRAULIC OIL MP-2A.

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For hydraulic pumps such as Commercial Shear, Denison HF-0, Hydreco, Racine, Sundstrand-Sauer BLN-9887, Tyrone, Vickers M-2950-S, passes ASTM D 2882 and the high pressure Vickers 35VQ25 pump tests, AGCO/DEUTZ-ALLIS/WHITE PF 411, Allison C-3, CAT TO-2, clark TLC 25 (1-81), Dexron, “Dexron III(G)”, Case MS 1210 (“TCH”), FORD M2C185-A (“Mercon”), Ford M2C41-B, Ford M2C138-CJ, Ford M2C166-H, Komatsu Dresser B22-0004. Also meets G.D., I.R., Joy and Sullair specs for rotary vane and screw compressors.

Viscosity, cSt @ 100 °C. D445 7.6
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C. 36
cP @ -20 °C. D2983 1500
Viscosity Index (V.I.) D2270 190
Pour Point, °C. D97 -40 (-40 °F.)
Aniline Point, °F. D611 213
Flash Point, °C. D92 190 (374°F.)
Gravity, API D287 32
Allison Trans. C-4 Friction Test Pass