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BLACK BEAR SD MONO GRADE ENGINE OILS are advanced quality oils that offer considerably greater engine performance than premium engine oils of the previous generation.  Driven by the combined engine performance requirements of North American and Worldwide OEM’s, BLACK BEAR SD MONO

GRADE ENGINE OILS represent the new direction of high
performance, universal engine oil technology. Setting a new trend of higher detergency, increased dispersants and antioxidants, this technology has provided major quality performance innovation

BLACK BEAR SD MONO GRADE ENGINE OILS provide long trouble-free operation and protection for most automotive or commercial engines and hydraulic systems. This pertains to heavy duty two stroke diesel engines as well as small lawn equipment engines.

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•    Extended Oil Change Interval Capability
•    Greatly improved high temperature control of piston and ring belt deposits
•    Excellent fuel soot dispersancy and oxidation control, reduces viscosity increase
•    Superior bore polish control and soot wear protection
•    Excellent performance in the newest low emissions diesel engines
•    Meets and exceeds earlier diesel and gasoline engine specifications


BLACK BEAR SD MONO GRADE ENGINE OILS are intended for use in commercial trucks, tractors, construction equipment, buses, passenger cars, and smaller engines such as those in lawn equipment and generators etc. Specific viscosity grades are approved for use in power shift, manual and hydrostatic transmissions, rear differentials and hydraulic systems where the equipment manufacturer designates the use of a heavy duty detergent type motor oil.


Cat sebu 6251, to-2
Allison c-3,c-4
Cummins SB 3810375
Mack EO-k/2
Detroit diesel 7se270
Gm 6085-m
Ford m2c153-e
International –

API CD, CD II, CE, *CF+ / SH, SJ+ – SAE 30, 40,50 API CD,CE, *CF+ / SJ+ – 10, 20
* All SD engine oils straight & multigrade contain the same high levels of performance additive. API limits service categories by viscosity
Military specifications:
Mil-prf-2104g mil-cid a-a-52306 mil-l-46152d (obsolete)

SAE VISCOSITY 10 20 30 40 50
Viscosity, SUS @ 100°F 200 337 572 856 1060
Viscosity, SUS @ 210°F 47 56 68 83 94
Viscosity Index (V.I.) 95 95 95 95 95
Flash Point, °F 400 420 445 460 470
Pour Point, °F -20 -10 -5 10
Zinc, %Wt. .13 .13 .13 .13 .13
Sulfated Ash, % Wt. .9 .9 .9 .9 .9
Total base number (TBN) 8 8 8 8- 8