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BLACK BEAR DEXROMATIC ATF is a premium automatic transmission fluid designed for new generation, electronically controlled transmissions. BLACK BEAR DEXROMATIC ATF meets most major U. S. and import car manufacturers’ performance requirements. This fluid was once licensed for the now obsolete General Motors DEXRON III H and Ford Mercon requirements. This fluid is suitable for use in applications requiring Ford type CJ and H fluids. It can also be used for off-highway transmissions, power steering, and other hydraulic systems requiring an Allison C-4 fluid. Meets requirements of Allison TES-389. The product also meets the industrial hydraulic oil demands of Denison HFO, Vickers vane and Sundstrand piston pumps.

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The product is formulated from special, high-quality base oils combined with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, detergents and defoamers. The product contains special friction modifiers or lubricity agents to control the transition from full film to thin film lubrication as a vehicle’s band and clutches are activated during shifting. This ensures consistent, smooth shifts under a broad range of driving conditions, temperatures, and transmissions.


BLACK BEAR DEXROMATIC ATF is suitable for make-up and refill in 2005 and earlier General Motors and Ford cars and light trucks. It also is recommended for make-up and refill in older vehicles requiring Mercon fluid, as well as Fords requiring an M2C138CJ or M2C166H fluid.

Viscosity, cSt/40°C 34.49
Viscosity, cSt/100°C 7.62
Viscosity, cP -40°C 15400
Viscosity Index 175
Flash Point, COC °F 224
Pour Point, °C -41
Color Red
API Gravity 30.8
Specific Gravity 0.872